“Loving these books”

"This lovely series is warm, witty and has a cast of characters I wish I was friends with.
Losing oneself in the author’s world, not quite knowing where the stories will take you and who ‘did the deed’ is a delight to be thoroughly savoured.
The plots and setting are authentic with an entertaining protagonist who leads you through the story with humour and flair. Loving these books and looking forward to reading many more."

J. W.

“Fresh and exciting”

"This new series allows you to escape into a different world and feel part of the quirky Fitzmorris family. Accompanied by a colourful cast of characters, Dee is a strong, independent older woman who lives in the Cotswolds. She is naturally inquisitive and can’t resist getting involved in untangling a mystery. She has a strong set of values, even if her actions have unintended consequences."

B. H.

“...the odd dead body, just to keep things interesting”

"'A captivating novel that keeps you guessing throughout, despite its complete and comforting transparency. Suspense and intrigue accompany you on a journey across the Cotswolds, with vivid descriptions that transport you to a world of babbling brooks, flamboyant characters, and of course the odd dead body, just to keep things interesting."

L. G.

“Deliciously engaging”

"'The stories explore undercurrents in village life whilst being bracing and cheerful, they exude humour, warmth and kindness. I look forward to seeing if her disapproving daughter Zara and Inspector Nicholas Corman find an affinity. A great read for a summer’s afternoon."

N. S.

Corpse in the Chard

Book One of the FitzMorris Family Mysteries

Anna A Armstrong

Corpse in the Chard book by author Anna A Armstrong

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