Corpse in the Chard book by author Anna A Armstrong
Corpse In The Chard

Book One of the FitzMorris Family Mysteries

by Anna A Armstrong

Lose yourself in a world of beautiful gardens and delicious food with just the odd dead body thrown in.

There are few things Dee enjoys more than a salad, fresh from her veg patch, preferably served without a clown corpse.
Finding herself top of the suspect list, what is a self- respecting Taekwondo-loving granny to do but investigate?
It is at times like these that having a criminal psychology student for a granddaughter comes in handy. Clad in her trademark tutu and corset, Amelia fearlessly eats pink cupcakes and interrogates suspects while Dee’s daughter, Zara salsas her way through the case.
As the idyllic Cotswold village becomes littered with dead clowns, will Dee unmask the murderer before the murderer turns Dee into a garnish?

Murder on the Isle book by author Anna A Armstrong
Murder on the Isle

Book Two of the FitzMorris Family Mysteries

by Anna A Armstrong

Escape with Dee FitzMorris to a picturesque Island where the sea is blue, the sun shines and the pace of live is relaxing, shame about the dead body.

Holidaying on the scenic Isle of Blom, all three FitzMorris ladies find themselves in embroiled in illegal gambling, illicit drugs and romance.
It is a race against time and a narcissistic killer for Dee, when both daughter Zara and granddaughter Amelia are kidnapped. Can Dee use all her inquisitive skills to save them before the killer disposes of them?
Steam trains, sheep and a risqué tango all contribute to this funny, fast-moving adventure.

Season for Murder book by author Anna A Armstrong
Season for Murder

Book Three of the FitzMorris Family Mysteries

by Anna A Armstrong

Enjoy a visit to the idyllic Cotswolds where the blackberry jam is delicious, the pumpkins are ripe and a killer is plotting death.

Vivian Plover is an unlikely murderer but needs must. If her bumbling husband is ever going to reach the exalted office of Lord Lieutenant, Vivian, in sensible shoes, twin set and pearls has some murderous work to do. She is beset by challenges, from her godson’s fake fiancée to Dee’s meddling.
With the worthies of Little Warthing falling foul of accidents, can Dee FitzMorris twart her scheme or will she find herself yet another victim?
Rarely has murder been so amusing.